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Ground Cherry (Physalis angulata) Benefits

Ground Cherry (Physalis angulata) Benefits

General Introduction:

Ground Cherry is wild grass if seen in general, people uproot this plant as it is a weed, but Physalis angulata have medicinal benefits. Ground cherry or physalis angulata is not found in every season, it appears in July-August. This plant cures many diseases, so do not throw it, if you can see it anywhere. Ground cherry plant is not usually available immediately if needed.


This plant is found in the plains. Apart from this, this plant is also found in Chhattisgarh in India and in countries like Sri Lanka, Australia, Africa. Cultivated in the Western Andes. It is mainly known in the US and Peruvian. It is in natural form in subtropical and tropical regions.

Kingdom: Plantae
Phylum: Spermatophyta
Subphylum: Angiospermae
Class: Dicotyledonae
Order: Solanales
Family: Solanaceae
Genus: Physalis
Species: angulata, ixocarpa, peruviana, alkekengi, minima, pubescens
Botanical Name: Physalis angulata, Physalis ixocarpa, Physalis peruviana, Physalis alkekengi, Physalis minima, Physalis pubescens

Common Name:

Chirpoti, Patpotani, Makoy, rasbhari, Cap Gooseberry, angular winter cherry, balloon cherry, cut leaf ground cherry, wild tomato, popti, periya-takkali, hogweed, Bush tomato, Indian gooseberry weed, etc.

Plant Description:

The botanical name of the Chirpoti plant or Cape Gooseberry - Physalis peruviana is a small plant. It is also called 'Makoy'. In Chhattisgarh, in western Uttar Pradesh, Patpotni and it is also called 'Chirpoti'. Along with it being a weed, many diseases are removed. This Ground Cherry (Physalis angulata) It is a small annual plant of the Solanasi family. This plant grows by seeds. Its leaves are dark green and thickly oval, its flowers light yellow; Its fruits are yellowish-orange inside a balloon-like calyx. Its outer covering is transparent. Eating its fruit feels bitter.

Ground Cherry or chirpoti home uses & Health Benefits:

Ground Cherry (Physalis peruviana) - This is an annual herb medicine plant. It is also a weed. But apart from being a weed, it is a medicinal plant, so it has the properties to remove many diseases. This plant is used for home remedies and benefits in many diseases.

Its many home remedies and benefits:

  • It is very important to take care of health in our life. But there are also many types of diseases. Doctors' medicines also do not work many times to prevent the disease, sometimes the domestic recipe works in this condition. There are many types of medicine plant which cures the disease. Among them, it is a Chirpoti plant.
  • Liver and stomach: By making a decoction of the leaves of the Chirpoti plant, drinking it increases digestive power and also increases appetite. And reduces inflammation in the liver.
  • Piles: In this disease, drinking decoction of leaves is beneficial. In addition, hiccups, cough, and who have trouble breathing. They should use the powder of its fruit.
  • Heart: This plant is also very beneficial for heart disease. It also reduces blood pressure. Using this fruit removes the problem of heart disease.
  • Low cholesterol: There are many types of diseases in our life. Eating too much oily food can cause serious illness such as cholesterol, but vitamin C and vitamin A being ground cherries can keep the body cholesterol low.
  • Treatment of Diabetes and cancer: This plant is found to have many disease-alleviating properties, which contain vitamin C in it, which helps a lot in the treatment of diabetes because it controls glucose and insulin. Cut leaf ground cherries are vitamin-C rich foods that can be cured with the use of this plant, including lung cancer and oral cancer.
  • Chemical Composition:

    Ground Cherry, which is a medicinal plant. But it is uprooted by many because it is a common weed. But many properties and chemical elements are found in this plant. Its leaves contain iron, phosphorus, vitamin C calcium, vitamin A. Apart from this, an element called carotene is also found which acts as an anti-oxidant.


    Many people may be allergic to this plant, they should stay away from it. Because it is found to be very low, limit its intake as excessive intake can also cause harm.

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