Thursday, 5 March 2020

DieBack of Clove

DieBack of Clove

Pathogen: Ralstonia syzygies

Common Name: Sumatra disease of clove


Clove disposal is a bacterial disease. Its pathogen is Ralstonia syzygies. Clove is spicy, has been studied in botany and plant pathology.

Dieback of trees begins in the crown and leads to tree death within 3 years of initial infection.  The infected leaves turn chlorotic and drop from the tree or may wilt in the advanced stage of infection and remain attached; discoloration of vascular tissues is evident as gray-brown streaks are observed in the new wood; bacterial exudate may ooze out of tissue when cut.

Disease Cycle

Bacteria are prohibited in the vessels carrying water in the xylem; The disease is known by carousel Striata and carousel Fulva, which are both sucking insect species.

Disease Management

Antibiotic oxytetracycline can be injected into the tree to slow the decline of infected trees but there is currently no known cure for the disease; several insecticides can control Carousel insect species, which are believed to spread disease.

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