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Stem cells Preservation

Stem cells Preservation

The preservation of the life-saving potential of umbilical cord stem cells is very useful for our or our baby's future. But how do I go about preserving stem cells? Is it like a long process? In this article, I will explain that how can we preserve step by step. 

it is a simple five step process:

1 Enrollment.
2 Collection.
3 Transportation.
4 Processing.
5 Preservation. 

1 Enrollment

In the first process, you can go on umbilical cord blood banking and sign up for the service, a few weeks before the delivery date. It helps to sign up with a trustworthy company. Once you enroll you’ll be handed and umbilical cord collection kit. Keep your Doctor informed about the decision and therefore that you carry the kid with you as you leave the hospital for delivery. 

2 Collection

Stem cells Preservation

The collection prosses is a simple 10-minute procedure and poses no harm to either the mother or baby basically after the baby is born the umbilical cord is clamped at both ends separated from the mother and baby sterilizer and thereafter the blood is collected in a bag provided with the collection kit. Get after the blood is drained the remaining umbilical cord is also collected and placed into the kit. The Mother's blood samples are also collected to check for the presence of transmittable diseases. The collection kit is then courier to the laboratory through a specialized logistics provider.

3 Transportation

Once the sample handed to preservation personalized courier service, the collection kit is shipped with special instruction to avoid x-ray sent. the sample is picked up to logistics concierge service immediately on arrival at the airport and delivered safely. 

4 Processing

Stem cells Preservation

As soon as the lab receives the collection kit. the samples are individually checked into laboratory specialty design software and then taken for processing. the stem cells in the blood are extracted by adding a chemical and spun at high speeds to separate the various components. The middle layer contains stem cells that are transferred to a special freezing bag. the stem cells from the tissue are extracted by mincing the tissue into smaller portions liquefied by adding an enzyme and transferred to special cryovials. 

5 Preservation 


The Process stem cell units are mixed with cryo preservatives to ensure long-term preservation using a special type of freezer. stem cells are slowly frozen to an ultracold temperature of -196 degrees centigrade. the multi-layer power backup systems and liquid nitrogen ensure uninterrupted cryopreservation of your baby’s precious ‘stem cells for decades. A preservation certificate is sent for your records.

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