Thursday, 10 October 2019



In a recent 18-pages position paper by Prof. Michael Herbst, the Cancer Association of SA (Cansa) says it accepts the IARC’s classification of glyphosate as probably carcinogenic and its finding of an association between non-Hodgkins lymphoma and glyphosate. Potential links between non-Hodgkins lymphoma and glyphosate exposure in South Africa’s maize belt will now be studied.

Recent research has shown that teenagers with a negative body image are more prone to abuse tobacco and alcohol, which leads to a significant impact on their health.

The lead author of the study and body image expert from the University of Missouri, Virginia Ramseyer Winter, says, ‘I wanted to see if the perception of being overweight and negative body images leads to engaging in unhealthy or risky substance use behaviors.’

The study collated data from a nationwide survey of American teenagers. The results showed that perceived size and attractiveness were significantly related to substance use: Girls who perceived themselves as overweight were more likely to use alcohol and tobacco; boys who saw themselves as too skinny were more likely to smoke, and boys who considered themselves fat were more likely to binge drink.

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